Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid from Kuantan to Brunei CH

40 Tons / 600 m3 Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid from Kuantan Malaysia to Muara, Brunei

We were asked by a client to ship a Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid from Kuantan, Malaysia to Muara, Brunei.

Everything seemed straight forward and were given measurements of 6 metres in height and weight of 30 tons. We went ahead to charter a small coastal vessel.

However, One (1) week prior to sailing, our client decided to fabricate additional cantilever to meet their end customer requirements which increased the height to about 9 metres and the weight to 40 tons. We had to scramble for an alternative vessel at the last minute to cater to the change in Cargo dimensions and weight. Due to our good relationship with carriers, we managed to secure an alternative vessel and engaged our appointed Marine Warranty Surveyor to ensure both vessel and loading operations meet client’s requirements.

Everything went well and the cargo was delivered to final destination on time and in good condition with the onsite supervision and  close communication between all parties.

Our experience and good relationship with our carriers ensured that we were highly dependable to meet any sudden change in cargo dimensions to the great satisfaction of our valued client.