Technology & Info-communication


Dextrans Group Technologies encompasses the latest and finest cutting edge systems whether from off the shelf or proprietory. We enhance and ensure detailed calibration to not only suit and make relevant to the needs of our customers but also anticipate the needs to derive scope and scale for the future. This propels us forward with confidence to believe that what we design and implement works yet with the full knowledge to remain flexible to the ever changing requirements of the fast changing world we live in.”

1) dexOPS

An advanced and comprehensive freight management system incorporating the latest tactical capabilities. dexOPS manages all Dextrans offices data information centrally which then allows better collaboration and business process optimization. Built with the latest internet security features, it is a highly scalable and cost-effective freight management system. Key components of this excellent solution include auto data interchange, commonly controlled exchange rates, Freight Intelligence and Optimization. Efficient usage of dexOPS increases productivity.

2) dexTRAK

Allows shared information to be made available for internal and external usage so as to provide maximum visibility of documentation processes and physical cargo flow along the logistics pipeline. dexTRAK is highly secured in its enhancement towards connecting to mobile applications so as to ensure smooth and reliable end to end information flow. dexTRAK is capable of extracting information from upstream Order Management right to shipment execution so as to allow better logistical planning for the end user.

3) dexSETTLE

A state of the art accounting and financial netting systems that auto calculates the position of every individual itemized accounting payable and receivable of vendors, agents and customers on real time basis. Information provided in dexSETTLE allows accounting settlements to be concise into a single amount with all companies so as to minimize banking transactional cost. It is an efficient and effective method to better allow control and manage internals funds utilization, financial risk exposure and increase business volumes with our business partners. Reasonable usage of this cutting edge module ensures that financial management becomes a revenue generator instead of merely a cost component.