The supply side of any organization usually presents the biggest challenge to many enterprises. Organizational production has gone global where manufacturing facilities are sited in multiple locations across national boundaries. Procurement of parts and services in order to build up the product then becomes a nightmare for many companies who run into complicated network designs just to prevent production lines from shutting down. Organizations nowadays are then looking to the next frontier where cost levels can be further driven down. This has given rise to the obsession of efficient supply chains where excesses of inventory along the supply pipeline translates to increased financial burden. Additionally, lack of material availability along the pipeline will only hinder customer satisfaction and lost of sales. Dextrans’ expertise in this area in collaborative commerce allows multiple partners across the supply pipeline to coordinate work activities so as to reduce bottle necks.

Vendor managed inventories

In recent times with the need for mass customization and yet reduced inventories, just in time pulling of stock needs to be at the right place at the right time and at the right quantity. Manufacturers are now requiring that raw materials needs to be replenish when triggered at incredibly short notice. Dextrans’ provides both the physical management and control of inventories so as to tow in line with production activities of the manufacturer. In majority of cases warehouse operations is sited close to the manufacturer.

Bill of materials procurement

In times where materials are source from multiple origins in varying quantities, a single source of coordination makes material sense. Dextrans’ can be that single source where coordination of various items, in varying quantities, at cost competitive prices can be made available so as to provide a seemless build up of materials for production. Dextrans works with selected financial institutions in order to facilitate capital shelter for new businesses.