Manufacturing logistics

Dextrans is in a position to backward integrate so as to take over the end of production lines manufacturing; be it simple assembly, primary or secondary packaging or quality control. Manufacturer’s outsourcing of this activity enables them available space and resources to concentrate on their core competencies. We have done it for many clients of ours and we take every new opportunity as a new challenge since every need has a differing requirement. We will sit down with our clients to work through every intricate detail of the work process so that understanding of the production methods can be strengthen and made efficient. This will allow as smooth a transition as possible so as to eliminate as much inertia as possible.

Inventory control reports and management tools

In today’s need for up to date information, Dextrans seeks to fulfill this role through using internet web based technology so that access to required information can be made available at the click of a button. Users just need a web browser and a password to have access information to their updated inventories. Additional features such as equipment order quantity (EOQ), point of sales (POS) etc. can be added a much as the system supports. Additionally, inventory reports come with management tools that helps the user to make executive decisions so as to better improve inventory results.