18 Twin Bell Portfolio From Hamburg & Rotterdam To Tianjin

DEXTRANS Singapore successfully delivered an 18 man Twin Bell, Twin SPHL Saturation Dive System

Dextrans Singapore has recently completed the full delivery of an 18 man Twin Bell, Twin SPHL Saturation Dive System. This is an extreme project delivery as the system is of an extremely huge value and delivery took place over few phases. It involves the delivery of 2 Hyperbaric Lifeboat w/o Davit system from Germany and Rotterdam to China on a multi modal mode. From Singapore, the 18 man Decompression Chamber and the Twin Bell involves 10 x 40ft Flatrack with 8 Police escort , 3 x 40ft Open Top, and multiple 40ft High cube containers. Besides the freight component, Dextrans also undertook the whole logistics chain from customised wooden case packing with vacuum packing, specialised machine moving of the Chambers out of the factory area with airfloat and heavy duty rollers, as well as delicate lifting inside the factory area of the 24ton Chamber. Dextrans oversee the whole project from workflow planning, to equipment planning, to co-ordination, as well as execution of the whole project.