Power Generation

Whether it’s a power station, often referred to as a generating station, power plant, powerhouse or generating plant, Dextrans has the proven skilled resources to move an industrial facility for the generation of electric power. We understand the industry, whether its just power stations containing one or more generators, a rotating machine that convert mechanical power into electrical power. Depending on the complexity and its mechanics, we will undertake to provide professional first hand advise after a field survey is done.

As a natural extension of our upstream industry specialization knowledge in oil & gas and mining, we understand the downstream value chain of how fossil fuels are processed to generate electricity. We have the capability and capacity to transport the rotor of a steam or gas turbine to organizing large quantities of generator sets used to power the initial phase of the building of a plant.

With the advent of environmental concerns and growth of renewable solar and wind energy usage, Dextrans is moving more windmills from our suppliers especially from Tianjin and Qingdao to many parts of the world. Winds turbines are mainly transported from our European suppliers to our customers in Asia, Middle East and Africa. The complexity of handling such odd size equipment heighthen its challenges in international as well as cross border land transportation. We look into the full logistics chain from end to end and envisage where the possible issues may arise. In finality, a full scope of work to be done will be presented for further assessment by our clients.