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oil & gas logistics

Dextrans Group (Oil & Gas) Logistics tapping on its 28 wholly owned offices in the East Asia region and its worldwide extensive footprint of 1200 agency partnership have been helping our many customers build a logistics and organizational structure to support onshore and offshore activities. With interest in the fast paced growth of the Asian economies, Dextrans expertise in the geo-political, economic and social environment adds credence to an oilfield’s development has its particular focus, hence Dextrans Group’s efforts has been tailored towards helping the mid steam provides to meet its logistics obligations to its E&P customers.

As a knowledge based company, we firmly believe that the key to success is out talented and competent team of employees. Each individual in Dextrans is a brand ambassador – responsible for upholding the values of our organization which is integrity and diversity. Whether your procurement sources are from Houston, Calgary, Aberdeen, Oslo, Singapore to on-sites in Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Dextrans is ready to support.

Dextrans have proven ability and know how to work with the industry’s vendor base, awareness of regulations, cut-off times and pre-shipment checks to ensure fitness for purpose.

Dextrans provide unique supply chain solutions and logistics services that helps our mid stream customers to support their upstream and downstream customers. Integrated with its already established Project Logistics division, we can tap on the expertise and resources of our associates.

Supply Chain Integration & Logistics Solutions Provider

In the new era of oilfield discoveries and increasing complexities of exploration, production and development, logistics integration has become even more dominantly paramount to the efficiency of managing the whole spectrum of E&P supply chain.

In light of these upstream demands, the need to manage the supply information needs to be visible, lead times are adhered to, deliveries are fulfilled become ever more critical.

The dynamic nature of oil & gas demands the mobilization of resource at very short notice anywhere in the world. This can only be met by using intelligent solutions, new technologies and fulfilment matrix. Coupled with a volatile environment, oil & gas logistics requires a variety of solutions customised around the unique needs of our clients.