Air Freight

Dextrans is able to provide regular and frequent airfreight consolidation schedules available from multiple origins to multiple destinations. Dextrans provides both premier as well as normal consolidation services to cater to the needs of various shippers. Our value pack airfreight consolidation hub and spoke system allows our clients to optimize their value with a good balance between cost and speed. Of paramount importance is that we listen to the needs and requirements of our customers and then tailor a service that is in relation to that requirement. In this way, our clients do not compromise on cost and at the same time can expect to derive maximum mileage from their airfreight movement.

Our main geographic coverage encompasses the continents of Asia, Europe and USA. Dextrans is also able to hold a freight at strategic points such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dubai, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York so as to allow duty drawbacks and customs formalities to take place. These points serve as a logistics hub so that inventories can be re-consolidated from multiple origins pending delivery as a single shipment to a factory. Consolidation allows transportation cost to be economized.