Dextrans Worldwide Group – 15th Anniversary Celebration

This month June 2018, it officially registers Dextrans Worldwide Group reaching its 15th anniversary. It is time to CELEBRATE 15 eventful and wonderful years that brought us here.

Today, Dextrans operates with a stinging East Asian sites network with 25 offices in 10 countries. We are proud to say we possess a good branding with a reliable reputation within the industry circles with our products/services and more importantly in our solutions offerings. We have skilled individuals in our products/services offerings in Projects Forwarding, Key Tradelanes and our Niche Vertical Segments.

Despite the 15 successful years, the story has just begun. The Dextrans story encapsulate a growing child who is now into its teenage years. We have evolved !!! Whilst we celebrate this 15 years milestone, we are mindful that it is merely a landmark that we have arrived. A NEW JOURNEY STARTS NOW !!! It is with this confidence that we will be embarking on new growth opportunities, new challenges, new ways of doing things in the new season. Dextrans never fails to encroach and thrive on new and unknown areas because its in our DNA. Indeed, we will never lose its VISION DRIVEN approach as we embark into a new and exciting era.

Join me in this exciting JOURNEY………… its only just the beginning !!!!

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Dextrans 15th Anniversary