Why Us


Message by “Jeffrey HENG – CEO,
Dextrans Worldwide Group”

“Dextrans Worldwide Group has been on a WINNING streak for the past 10 years. For that we want to celebrate success by thanking our stakeholders especially our dedicated and committed employees. We are proud and glad to reach this milestone which has seen us through many challenging yet fulfilling experiences. It has been an eventful 10 years. During this time, Dextrans has grown to 10 countries with 25 fully owned offices and 250 employees in Asia.

Dextrans has always been a vision driven organization. In the next phase, the growth engine of Asia will to be our playing field and this will bring us even more excitement as we embark on new challenges. Innovation and creativity has always been the hallmarks of our DNA even as we industriously work towards becoming a thought leader within the logistics industry. During this time Dextrans will go for more depth in our business especially in processes and skills. Dextrans will continue to develop innovative solutions to heighten our value proposition to its customers. We will also pursue, invest and execute our efforts especially in deepening our services offer in our core products in dedicated route management and industry verticals in the energy, resources and power generation sectors. In this new phase, IT will become an absolute barometer for our success. We are on the tail end of completion in our roll out of our integrated group operating platform – DEXTRAK so as to enhance better efficiency across the logistics pipeline and integrating the logistics community for better execution of shipments. Adding on to this will be our state of the art – DEXSETTLE – a central accounting system; a seemless financial data exchange and netting off system to propel us further to derive quick access in financial consolidation both within intra Dextrans offices and our partner agents.


On this joyous occasion, amidst the celebrations, its always important for us to lay hold of reality and always remember the purpose of our existence. In Dextrans, whilst we provide a family oriented employment yet we share with our people to embrace the passion and love for the less fortunate. As much as we have, we always remember someone who has much less then us. It is really only with this attitude and desire that we continue to clothe ourselves with humility and make our little contributions to this world we live in.”

‘Journeying ahead and WINNING together.’