Employees Creed

RICE is a staple diet of Asian people; deeply entrenched within the social fabric of its rich culture. Dextrans Worldwide, an Asian based organization, functioning within the logistics arena with the bulk of our human born, bred and rooted in this ancient civilization, take pride in embracing the Dextran’s employee’s creed bearing the acronym RICE.

As proud employees of Dextrans, we will exercise due care in our overall habits and performance, giving utmost attention in RESPECTING each of our colleague’s views and opinions.

In this way, we expect then as a family to strength our unity internally so as to INTEGRATE well and establish a mighty team to compete expeditiously and provide innovative solutions to our clients.

We are motivated to build a strong and loving COMMUNITY where we can look forward to make each other successful so that as one we can together win the challenges of the day.

With out extremely infectious desire to consistently work and cooperate well as a group called by a common purpose, we expect to win big as a united Dextrans family – this would be our call to EXCELLENCE in all that we do.