Dextrans extends sponsorship

Dextrans Group through its office in Philippines is humbled to continue to be able to provide sponsorship to Gawad Kalinga programs for another 2 more years.

GK provides value based education for pre school children, aged 3 to 6 years through its program called SIBOL, which means “to grow” in the Filipino language. Additionally for the 7 to 12 years elemntary stage, GK support program includes academic tutorials, sports and creative workshops, as well as very solid values formation track, through SAGIP which menas “to save a life”.

Jeffrey Heng, CEO of Dextrans Group said, “2 years ago I was personaly involved to kick start our involvement in GK’s program. I personallly visited the a couple of GK sites and decided that this ties in with Dextrans vision and values to be socially responsible even as we operate within the Asia Pacific region where the majority of such need arises. 2 years later, we have not regreted as it is well organized and is pleased to continue the extension of our involvement seeing the improvements made in the children.”