Dextrans Project Logistics
Dextrans Group completes large scale mining equipment transfer

Dextrans Project Logistics
Dextrans officially launches Oil & Gas Logistics

Dextrans Worldwide is a unique Supply Chain Integrator operating its network of operating sites in the Asia Pacific Region. Through its global representations it connects up to 1200 service points in international freight management.

Dextrans Integrated Logistics Management solutions includes high end third party inventory management, demand planning capabilities, procurement management and distribution logistics. It integrates its services and solutions through strong technology that allows visibility and information exchange between multiple parties along the supply chain.

In essence, Dextrans’ helps our clients through supply chain efficiency through strength (dexterity) across national broders (trans) globally (worldwide) culminating in the name DEXTRANS WORLDWIDE.

Adding value to their businesses and products through new innovative services thereby helping them service their clients more expeditiously. We are therefore your client’s suppliers as they seek to move upstream.

Real cost reduction through using our expertise in negotiations for bulk purchases, stronger optimization techniques and intricately crafted process engineering thereby deriving better efficiencies along the supply pipeline.

Superior customer service level through up to date information and feedback system because information is power. Dextrans is not merely a commodity service provider but bundles its services across the supply pipeline thereby consistently seeking to create and add value.